Evening Activities

Evening activities will take advantage of our beautiful camp and temperate summer nights. The schedule is presently being finalized - but look for it to include activities for all tastes. Contact us if you have any suggestions or can offer something of your own. 

Ice Breakers

Get to know your fellow campers with some friendly games. Who do you think has traveled the farthest to get here? Who lives closest?


Bluegrass? Israeli? Country line dancing? Contra? Square? Swing? Still in the planning, but expect at least one, if not more of these!

Shabbat Services/Havdallah

Commune with nature while welcoming in and out the Shabbat.


Campfires are a Mosaic tradition! Each night, you'll have an opportunity to relax and unwind by the fire, play, sing songs (or just listen), play games, and chat with old and new friends. Enjoy s'mores. 

Happy Hour

We will have happy hour at the pool (BYOB) just before dinner. Enjoy the company of other participants while transitioning into the night activities  Swap stories of your daytime activities with fellow participants. Find out if you made the right choice among the many options of the daytime offerings. 

Educational or Creative Workshops

Each night we will showcase an scholarly or creative workshop lead by one of our Mosaic members. Do you have something we that would interest the group? Feel free to contact us to have it listed. 

Board games

Balderdash? Apples to Apples? Mellow scrabble? Cranium? Pictionary? Scrabble? Boggle? Look for tournaments.

Mosaic Elections and Council of Delegates

A perfect opportunity to commiserate with members of local Mosaic Clubs, Elect new International Board Members, and discuss the future of Mosaic. 

And .. more activities still being planned!!!

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