Emma Kaufmann's overnight accommodations include staff /guest housing, bunk cabins, platform tents AND bring-your-own tent. The basic bunk cabin or your private tent is included in the base price. You will be billed an additional charge if you prefer an upgraded room. Upgraded rooms are in limited supply. Be aware that we may not be able to accommodate all who wish to upgrade. All accommodations (including upgrades) are rustic, simple, clean and functional. All cabins have electricity. Contact us at before you register if your attendance depends on a specific type of accommodation.

See Camp Website for Pics of the Accommodations

Please DO NOT CONTACT THE CAMP FOR ANY REASON. Mosaic representatives will answer all your questions.

BASIC CABINS (4 to 8 Adults):

Standard housing (included with your registration) consists of bunk beds and single beds in each room/cabin. Each person gets a complete bunk to themselves, so no one will need to sleep on a top bed. Many attendees find it convenient to sleep on the bottom bunk and to store their luggage on the top one. Cabins have a restroom attached to the same building. Most bathrooms are separated from the sleeping area by a small breezeway.

All cabins have been upgraded since our last visit in 2001.

  • Included in Price


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Note: Bedding is NOT included in the base price.
You MUST bring your own sheets, blankets, towels, and pillows. 

Teen Village:

The Teen Village is made up of platform tents that are located in a separate area of the camp. They are perfect for those who want to be away from the general hubbub of the day/evening. There are six groupings of four platform tents each in the village. The Teen Village platform tents have a centralized shared bathroom/shower house. Pictures of the platform tents can be found in the “Teen Village” section of the camp website or below.

  • Teen Village Single is $100 per person
  • Teen Village Double is $50 per person
  • Teen Village Couple is $100 per couple


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Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA


Singles may be staff housing, infirmary rooms, or full-sized cabins to which only one person is assigned. These rooms may have twin or bunk beds. No matter how many beds are in the room, only one person will be assigned to the room. Restrooms are in the same building but may be shared and/or separated by a breezeway. 

  • $160 extra paid per room


There are very few couple rooms with full or queen-sized beds. This year, most couples will need to push two bunks/twin beds together, move mattresses to the floor or bring your own air mattress. Couples rooms are paid PER ROOM. Only one person out of the couple should select "Couple." Your partner should select "Other" during registration for their room selection. Please coordinate with your partner on who is paying for the room. Any mistakes in this decision will incur a 10% change fee on the room upcharge. This fee is an expense that Mosaic incurs for the change. Both partners need to register within seven (7) days of each other or we will release the couple's room to the next couple and change your selection to a standard room. Restrooms are in the same building but may be shared and/or separated by a breezeway. 

  • $160 extra paid per couple.


Double room upgrades are the same as the singles with at least two beds of some type. They can be twin bed or bunk beds or a mixture of both. We count bunk beds as one bed, as we do not expect you will use the top bunk. Restrooms are in the same building but may be shared and/or separated by a breezeway. 

  • $80 extra paid per person


You are welcome to bring your own tent.
Mosaic will designate a tenting area close to restroom facilities.

  • No charge or discount


There will be very limited wheelchair-accessible accommodations. Please contact us before registering so we can ensure appropriate accommodations are available if you are in need of accessible accommodations.

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